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About what we do and how

Our holding of building materials and equipment is a dynamically developing company with a long history. We started with one warehouse and a small store in YIWU city, and over the years we have grown into one of the largest suppliers of building materials and equipment in the region.


Our success is not only due to our wide range of products and high level of service, but also to our team of professional and experienced specialists. We are constantly working to develop and improve our services to meet the needs of our customers.

Every new customer is an opportunity for us to prove ourselves and show how high the bar is set for us. We are proud that our products and services have long established themselves in the market and are increasingly trusted by our customers.


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The main areas of our work

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Construction materials

Construction materials of the highest quality for all types of repair and construction work


Construction equipment

The latest construction equipment for a variety of tasks in the construction or repair

With care for nature

We and our partners are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, using innovative technologies and materials that reduce our environmental footprint and improve the energy efficiency of our products and services.

Our partners

Some of our regular partners

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Our advantages

The main advantages of working with us

Wide assortment

  • -We offer one of the broadest ranges of building materials and equipment on the market
  • We work with various manufacturers of building materials to provide our customers with the maximum choice of products
  •  We are constantly adding new products and technologies to our range to meet the needs of our market

Professional Service

  • Our team of experts is ready to help our customers at any time
  • We provide our customers with highly qualified consultants to help them choose the right products and solutions for their specific applications
  • We also provide installation and maintenance services for our equipment so that our customers can enjoy maximum efficiency and longevity of our products.

Competitive prices

  •  We always provide the best prices for our products and services on the market
  •  We work directly with manufacturers to ensure our customers get the best prices for their products
  • We also offer various discount programs and promotions to make our products even more affordable for our customers.


Meet Part of Our Team


Jennifer Brand

Jennifer Brand


Didem Rinno

Didem Rinno

Support Manager

Paul Stanford

Paul Stanford


David Walz

David Walz

Quality control

Sylvain Payne

Sylvain Payne

Financial advisor

Jacob Weeks

Jacob Weeks

SMM manager


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